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Age / Weight / Height
Type of Car Seat


-up to about 22 lbs.

-height - check car seat instructions


Car seat image Car seat image

Infant only seat, rear facing - recommended for newborns
as it is portable and provides a better fit.

Infant/child seat, rear facing - a larger car seat, used rear facing when the infant is less than one year old, used forward facing when the child is older. Not recommended for small infants.



- less than 1 year of age

- about 22 lbs. and over

- height - check car seat instructions


Car seat image Infant/child seat (with higher weight limit), rear facing - a limited number are now available in Canada. Infants who stay rear facing in a car seat are less likely to have head and neck injuries in a crash. Don't rush to turn the seat forward facing.



- about 1 year of age or older

- about 22 lbs. to about 40 lbs.

- height - check car seat instructions


Car seat image

Car seat image Car seat imageInfant/child seat, forward facing - use with a tether strap that goes from the back of the car seat to a bolt fastened in the car. Can use this seat as long as the middle of your child's ear is below the top of the car seat and the weight is within the limits in the car seat instructions.

Car seat imageTall toddlers - who are taller than the height limit in the instructions, but are under 40 lb, need a child/booster seat that will give proper head and neck support. It should be used as a forward facing seat (with a tether strap) and then convert to a booster seat when your child weighs more.


- about 4 to 8 years old

- between 40 and about 80 lbs.

- height - check car seat instructions


Car seat imageHigh back boosters - provide the best head and neck support but can only be used in vehicles with lap/shoulder seat belts.

A booster seat positions the seat belt properly over your child's body, protecting your child from head, spine and abdominal injuries. If the booster seat raises your child so that the middle of his ear is above the back of the vehicle seat, you need to use a high back booster.


- about 8 years old

-about 80 lbs.

- sitting height of 29 - or more

- legs are long enough to bend over the front of the vehicle seat


Car seat imageVehicle seat belt system - Lap belt is positioned low over your child's hips with the shoulder belt not crossing face or neck.

Information provided by The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.
See them at http://www.simcoemuskokahealth.org